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    Nicholas Sennett

    Same here, I have a pixel xl. Do I have to buy a new phone just to use hudly?

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    Amy Knipper

    Nexus 6P here and it doesn't work as there is no mirroring function on the phone. 🤨

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    Peter Hoang

    It's July now and it is still not compatible with the Pixel phones with the latest 7.9.7 update. This is four months after the April deadline that was promised. This is really frustrating. You guys need to deliver on your promise because your credibility is at stake. Not a good way to promote your product if you want this thing to take off.

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    Tokuro Yamashiro

    It doesn't connect with Nokia 8 either. Pls address it soon

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    Jason Miller

    ...we hope to have ready by the end of April to resolve...



    AAARGH! how did I miss this before I ordered?! 


    What news on Pixel compatibility??

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    Jeffrey Rogaliner

    Still no fix for Nexus or Pixel phones????  You promised a fix back in April!!  I haven't been able to use my Hudly Wireless since the day it arrived because my Pixel 2XL is NOT compatible!!  C'mon...get this fixed already! :((

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    Jason Manes

    I have the Motorola Zforce 1 and 2 models and they don't work. Also the mount that connects to Hudly and sticks to dash - the inside crumbled the first time I put it on. Maybe the heat from the mailbox, I'm not sure but now I cannot put on my dash even if it worked with my phone. Sort of cheap is my impression so far.

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    Akbal Randhawa

    I have a Motorola Z2 play and have just received my hudly and it doesn't work. do I need to wait for  workaround or do I need to download something?

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    Steven Meisner

    Any further updates or time estimates for Pixel support? I purchased your heads up display and then found out it wasn't yet working with my phone. If Hudly never comes thru with a fix, I wasted (as well as many others) a good amount of money.


    Any updates are greatly appreciated!

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    Unihertz Jelly-Pro isn’t compatible. 

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    Milroy Sheriffdeen

    I have an iPhone XS and has the latest software update. And when I try to contact to the OBD2 it says does not support

    What does this mean. Do I have to configure anything


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    Mr/Mrs Waugh

    #metoo. I just bought the wireless and it doesn't see the Motorola G. I now have a $400 lemon. Apparently very few phones run Miracast. Most phones run Google's Chromecast which requires devices to be on the same WiFi network.

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    Keith D Cohen

    Hi. I have a unit with the 7.9.7 firmware, but I use a Pixel XL on Android 8.1. The Hudly software didn't connect to the Hudly Wireless when connected to the Hudly access point. Also, the Hudly doesn't appear as a cast receiver. Is there a timeline for wireless Pixel device support?

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