Phone compatibility




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    Akbal Randhawa

    I have a Motorola Z2 play and have just received my hudly and it doesn't work. do I need to wait for  workaround or do I need to download something?

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    Jason Miller

    ...we hope to have ready by the end of April to resolve...



    AAARGH! how did I miss this before I ordered?! 


    What news on Pixel compatibility??

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    Tokuro Yamashiro

    It doesn't connect with Nokia 8 either. Pls address it soon

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    Nicholas Sennett

    Same here, I have a pixel xl. Do I have to buy a new phone just to use hudly?

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    Jason Manes

    I have the Motorola Zforce 1 and 2 models and they don't work. Also the mount that connects to Hudly and sticks to dash - the inside crumbled the first time I put it on. Maybe the heat from the mailbox, I'm not sure but now I cannot put on my dash even if it worked with my phone. Sort of cheap is my impression so far.

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